The Living Thing

Art Direction
Human Interaction

This is an experimental publication—a plant publication work produced in and for each person in the class, which comprised 13 people. The aim of this project was to broaden the definition of a publication beyond a book. A plant is a thing filled with life and death, as a conveyor of a message like a publication. How could I make a person care for and interact with a plant with empathy and sympathy as a person would care for and interact with a dog, cat or turtle? Through this experiment, I hoped to generate at least a slight increase of human awareness, mindfulness, and care for a living thing that is often not considered to be an organism but actually has feelings and increases happiness and productivity for people as a pet does.

The package is design for stability and easy handling.
The syringe is for the perfect amount of water to avoid overwatering.

Plant Supports manufactured by Dickson Chow.
The form originated from a deconstructed paperclip.

Propagation, Temperature Control, Rooting

The publication comes with cards of poems where the owner is instructed to read to their plant friends.
The poems were written by my dear friend, Anna Warnes.