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Most people that reside in the Bay Area are aware that they are due for a destructive earthquake. They cannot prevent earthquakes, but they can prepare for them. They should not assume that either long term residents or new arrivals know the basic steps. Many shrug it off because they’ve never experienced an earthquake. Others who have experienced an earthquake may let it slip by because they think they know what to expect. The more information provided by the government, researchers and residents, the more communities will be able to prepare for a natural disaster.

Credits - Everything was a group effort :

Strategy - Vicky Sarkisian, Winston Struye
Interview & Research - Kennis Chow, Vicky Sarkisian, Fei Wong
User Research - Kennis Chow, Vicky Sarkisian
User Testing - Kennis Chow, Winston Struye
User Interface & Branding - Kennis Chow
Emotional Support & Cheerleader - Jiahui Zhang

Generative Research

Interview Process: Conducting interviews in-person & phone call.
Consent forms being signed and telling personal earthquake stories and experiences.